Imagine large and juicy tiger shrimp, fillets of Mijarra, boneless Basa, and wild and domestic Salmon. How about whole sacs of fresh oysters ready to grill? What really sets Fresco apart from all other Seafood departments will be our LIVE seafood tanks and self service ice tables. You won’t find this at your local Mercado. SUPER FRESH fish and shellfish swimming in our live tanks right to your cocina. Why buy clams that have been dead and frozen for four weeks for your Linguine alle Vongolle when you can come to Fresco and hand pick your own live clams right out of our tanks? For customers who want to select their own seafood, large ice tables loaded with the freshest seafood will be displayed right before your eyes ready for you to reel in on your own. Grab a bag and a set of tongs and fish-out your own shrimp, calamari, oysters, mussels…


Come in and check out our live seafood tanks!

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